connecting thingspeak.com to pushingbox.com for email notifications

Initially the Humidor 2.0 project sent notifications via twitter, this was not a perfect fit, because there were no push-notifications and my "followers" could read every message.
Therefore I wanted to switch to email notifications. Because Thingspeak.com does not provide email notification service I configured a scenario with pushingbox.com.

Daily Update of temperature and humidity.


1. configure a pushingbox.com scenario
  • subject: Humidor 2.0 Daily Update - $hum$
  • body: Humidity:    $hum$       Temperature:  $temp$
2. configure a ThingHttp - action on thingspeak.com
  • name: Humidor 2.0 Daily Update
  • url: http://api.pushingbox.com/pushingbox
  • method: POST
  • Content Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
  • HTTP Version: 1.1
  • body: devid=[deviceIDfrompushingbox]&hum=%%channel_24484_field_2%%&temp=%%channel_24484_field_1%%
3. configure a TimeControl - trigger on thingspeak.com
  • configure the time/interval needed
  • action: ThingHTTP
  • select profile: Humidor 2.0 Daily Update 
  • pushingbox.com -> $hum$ and $temp$ are the variables, that we submit via HTTP POST from thingspeak
  • thingspeak.com -> [deviceIDfrompushingbox] the id identifies the configured scenario on pushingbox
  • thingspeak.com -> %%channel_24484_field_2%%  -  variable from channel
  • thingspeak.com -> %%channel_24484_field_1%%  -  variable from channel

1. daily status update, also serving as a "watchdog" to show me the service is still running smoothly

 2. WARNING - below threshold
the warnings are not configured as a thingspeak "TimeControl" but as a "React" scenario, the scenario reacts on certain values in the channel on thingspeak.com, in this case the notification is triggered when the humidity value falls below a configured threshold. The notification is only triggered once when the value falls below, so I don´t get the warning every 25 minutes as long as the value stays below the threshold.

 3. WARNING - above threshold


  1. hi
    i tried your tuturial but the thinghttp doesnt react.
    my arduino sketch send its values as string:

    bool updateTemp(String tenmpF, String humid){

    so how should i define the thinghttp condition?

  2. hi sorry for bothering
    my fault - i didnt delete the brackets - [] from here [deviceIDfrompushingbox]
    and the answear to the condition question is string - greater than x

  3. Anonymous30/4/16

    Only to say thank you for sharing knowledge, it does not matter how small or how big...
    To me, you clarified my doubts and now I have working my "alarms" from my data in thingspeak :);)
    Best wishes

  4. Thank you for posting these instructions! This made setting up email notifications for our cheese cave a breeze!

  5. +1 for these instructions! Worked beautifully, I selected 'Run action only the first time the condition is met' in the ThingSpeak React options, which is really a trigger for any time it goes from not triggered to triggered.

  6. Bravo! Yours is the only only push notification (SMS or email) that I could get to work! Thank you for spelling it all out!

  7. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Thank you for sharing!